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Aztec Securities design, supply, install, monitor, and maintain Intruder Alarm Systems to domestic, commercial and industrial premises, and offer a range of next generation hard wired, hybrid or wireless systems of the very latest design and technology. 

Our Intruder Alarm Systems are designed with the customers needs upermost in our minds and our ultimate aim is to tailor a system to your requirements, from an audible only system, a self monitored system, a remotely monitored system, or a fully integrated proximity system incorporating internal and external readers, and we offer a no obligation comprehensive documented survey, quotation, and site drawings on request. "LET US SURVEY YOUR PROPERY BEFORE THE BURGLAR DOES" !.

Contrary to common thinking and backed up by Home Office statistics, most burglaries are committed by opportunists in the daytime between the hours of 09.00am and 18.00pm, and normally when the home owner has left the property for a short time, ie when they are taking or collecting children from school and/or collecting groceries etc, and the Burglars are aware of this common pattern, what takes you a lifetime to put together in your home will take a Burglar less than 5 minutes to violate and take away, and with it your peace of mind "DONT BE A STATISTIC".     

Intrusion is typically detected by flush or surface mounted magnetic contacts to doors and/or windows, or heavy duty roller shutter contacts for harsher environments, passive infra-red and dual technology movement detectors which can be either flat wall mounted, corner wall mounted, or 360% ceiling mounted, under flooring pressure pads, and panic buttons operational 24 hours a day, audible notification is from internal and external sounders, and visual notification is from external strobe lights integral of the external sounder housing.

The remote keypads have an onboard panic alarm button that can be activated 24 hours a day whether the system is set or un-set, and stand alone panic buttons can be integrated into any system and be sited for example at external doors where strangers may call, or in master bedrooms to give all round 24 hour protection.

Monitoring of the systems can be acheived in a number of ways, from self monitoring where a speech dialler is incorporated into the system to notify you of an alarm activation, or via remote monitoring at our central station using telephone lines, GSM mobile network, radio transmitters or high speed internet to transmit a signal, and our central station is manned 24 hours a day.

All of our installation and service engineers are trained to the highest possible standards and ethics, and are routinely retrained on all new equipment and technologies, and all new installation, service, and maintenance conformity standards and requirements, and are on call 24 hours a day.